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Oxford Hotgrips EVO Sports ( temperature controlled ) 

£ 134.99
The EVO HotGrips® are a technological leap forward and will dramatically increase the enjoyment of winter riding.
These all-new HotGrips® now feature thermistor technology in each grip, which allows them to heat up faster and then automatically regulates the exact surface temperature in accordance with the temperature that you set on the heat controller.
HotGrips® EVO Adventure are ideal for off road trails and have a waffled finger-grip area for increased control.
Key Features • Built-in Thermistor technology auto-regulates temperature. • Precise temperature control - choose from 5 temperature settings ranging from 35°C to 45°C. LED lights indicate temperature setting. • Intelligent heat setting memory - stores previous heat setting and defaults to this at power-up, saving time when in regular use. Note: Function is available when heat controller is connected to ignition. • Battery saving mode - protects against flat batteries, so if you forget to turn the switch off it will do it for you! • Simple installation - HotGrips™ are designed as a replacement for the handlebar grips already fitted to the motorcycle/ATV. See installation video. • Re-designed rubberised internals - easier to fit and more secure than conventional heated grips. Through-moulded rubber gives a strong and reassuring glue bond to the handlebar. • Weatherproof design - The intelligent heat controller uses a seal-for-life welded case construction for long-term durability and weather proofing. • Waterproof screw connectors - IP67 rated protect your HotGrips® from the elements. • Comfort guaranteed - thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear; square tread pattern for vibration absorption; 52 block siped tread patterns for high levels of grip and feel; diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required and a waffled area for finger-grip control. • Fits 7/8" (22mm) ? handlebars. • Customisable grips - Grip length of 132mm but can be trimmed to 122mm if required and has open ends so that bar end weights can be fitted.


Description Oxford Hotgrips EVO Sports ( temperature controlled ) 

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