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Oxford MINT cleaners and lubes
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We currently aren't sending these items for delivery. This section includes anti - fog spray, helmet care kits, bike wash, polish, degreasers and lube from award winning Oxford Mint.
Oxford MINT cleaners and lubes

Oxford Mint Helmet care kit£ 17.99
Oxford Mint Helmet care kit  
Everything you need to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your helmet and visor.

Oxford Mint All weather lube£ 9.89
Oxford Mint All weather lube  
Specially formulated viscous lubricant with corrosion inhibiting additives to create a tenacious film.

Oxford Mint Wet weather lube£ 8.99
Oxford Mint Wet weather lube  
Specially formulated with a high anti-corrosion content and a film forming wax with a resin binder to improve ...

Oxford Mint Dry weather lube£ 8.99
Oxford Mint Dry weather lube  
Specially formulated with selected oils, PTFE and fewer solvents to generate a high film-forming capability.

Oxford Mint General protectant£ 8.09
Oxford Mint General protectant  
Highly effective general purpose protectant with strong film forming properties.

Oxford Mint Silicone detailer£ 8.09
Oxford Mint Silicone detailer  
An innovative blend of oils which hides minor blemishes on surfaces.

Oxford Mint Chain cleaner£ 8.09
Oxford Mint Chain cleaner  
Effective at dissolving and washing away contaminated chain lube and the combination of oil and dirt which has ...

Oxford Mint Brake cleaner£ 8.09
Oxford Mint Brake cleaner  
Specially formulated to remove any build up of brake dust and dirt and leave a decontaminated surface for ...

Oxford Mint Bike degreaser£ 8.09
Oxford Mint Bike degreaser  
Effective at dissolving and washing away grease and oily residues that have dried over time.

Oxford Mint Wax reproofer£ 8.09
Oxford Mint Wax reproofer  
Stain free, silicone free proofer for wax cotton garments.

Oxford Mint Helmet cleaner£ 7.19
Oxford Mint Helmet cleaner  
Unique formulation designed to clean helmets and visors without streaking. Available in two sizes.

Oxford Mint Helmet sanitiser£ 7.19
Oxford Mint Helmet sanitiser  
Formulated specially to clean and safely sanitise the interior fabric on helmets. Can also be used on clothing, ...

Oxford Mint Anti-fog spray£ 7.19
Oxford Mint Anti-fog spray  
Easy to use anti-fog fluid for visors and goggles. Available in two sizes.

Oxford Mint Visormate£ 7.19
Oxford Mint Visormate  
A unique formulation specially designed for visors without streaking. Integrated sponge and visor wipe.

Oxford Mint Bike wash£ 7.19
Oxford Mint Bike wash  
All purpose cleaner specially formulated to quickly remove dirt and grime. Fast drying formula leaves a bright and ...


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