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Oxford Oximiser 3X battery charger 

EXTRA 10% OFF - £89.99
The oxford 3x is oxford's most versatile, most powerful, multi purpose battery maintenance product. It offers not one but THREE automated charging programs for different battery sizes - perfect for bikes, cars, even leisure batteries !

D esigned and tested in the UK using top quality long-life components. • A 2 year warranty is included as standard. • A ‘soft-start’ charging mode to improve recovery of deeply discharged batteries as low as 8 volts. • Intelligent charging will ‘cycle-charge’ in an attempt to recover sulphated batteries. • Suitable for all 12V automotive batteries including LITHIUM lifeP04 motorcycle batteries. • New voltage sensors quickly detect high current drain and will automatically revert to the most appropriate charge rate. • Fast and efficient charging in all modes keeps charge times short and reduces mains power consumption. • Soft touch rubberised case for improved grip and ruggedness.


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Description Oxford Oximiser 3X battery charger 

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