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WORKSHOP supplies

Workshop supplies including greases, lubricants, cleaning supplies, tools, and paddock stands.
WORKSHOP supplies

Oxford Bike dock£107.99
Oxford Bike dock  
The Bike Dock secures the front wheel of a motorcycle to keep it upright when being stored or being transported • ...

Oxford Aluminium rear paddock stand£71.99
Oxford Aluminium rear paddock stand  
• Ultra lightweight aluminium race design (2.8kg) - perfect for carrying around the paddock • Long handle gives excellent lifting leverage • Centralised ...

Oxford Premium paddock stand£62.99
Oxford Premium paddock stand  
Front : A rigid construction makes this stand suitable for the widest possible range of applications • Lever handle design for ...

Oxford Chain tool chain breaker and riveting tool£58.49
Oxford Chain tool chain breaker and riveting tool  
An all in one chain tool which makes changing your chain a simple and less expensive task. Designed to ...

Oxford Big black paddock stand£44.99
Oxford Big black paddock stand  
• Fully adjustable padded swing arm rests • Robust construction using 32mm/35mmΨ steel tube • 4 chunky wheels for maximum stability

Oxford Spanner set 1£22.49
Oxford Spanner set 1  
Professional quality 11-piece spanner set • Sizes: 6-17mm & 19mm • Chrome Vanadium steel

Oxford Spinners rotating bobbins£19.79
Oxford Spinners rotating bobbins  
Bobbins make fitting a rear paddock stand to your bike much easier and quicker. Does not mark a bikes ...

Oxford Tool kit£16.19
Oxford Tool kit  
Tool kit pro : The OXFORD Motorcycle Tool Kit Pro is a set of the most esssential tools required ...

Oxford Frame fork / bobbins£14.39
Oxford Frame fork / bobbins  
Frame Forks must be fitted to the rear paddock stand before bobbins can be used. Features • Makes fitting a rear paddock ...

Oxford Spindle key£13.49
Oxford Spindle key  
• Professional spindle key for front wheel removal • 4 sizes in 1 tool for a universal fit* (17,19,22 ...

Oxford Socket set£13.49
Oxford Socket set  
Socket set 1 : • 3/8” drive • 72 teeth, smooth action • Made from chrome vanadium steel • Reversible • Sizes ...

Oxford Solo brake bleeding kit£13.49
Oxford Solo brake bleeding kit  
• A quick & easy single-handed method to bleed your brake system • Universal fitment with securing clips included clear ...

Torque Precision multi-tool£10.79
Torque Precision multi-tool  
Various items from Torque precision tools.

Oxford Inspector mirror and pick up tool£8.99
Oxford Inspector mirror and pick up tool  
Telescopic mirror and magnetic pick-up tool • Inspection Mirror: 30mm diameter Telescopic from 16 - 63.5cm • Magnetic pick up ...

Oxford Wash and wax mit£8.99
Oxford Wash and wax mit  
• Fits like a glove, with a gently elasticated cuff, to channel all your efforts into cleaning, rather than ...

Oxford Cable repair kit£8.99
Oxford Cable repair kit  
• Used for the temporary fix of broken cables • Includes 2 coils of cable and various solderless nipples • ...

Oxford L plate£8.99
Oxford L plate  
This kit contains three L-Plates and three different ways of fitting them:- 1 on the front forks 2 on the ...

Oxford Cable lube tool£7.19
Oxford Cable lube tool  
• Dual screw for a tighter seal • Easy to use • Made of anodised aluminium

Oxford Magneto workshop tray£5.39
Oxford Magneto workshop tray  
• A handy tool for any garage or workshop to help prevent the loss of steel parts during repairs • ...

Oxford Exhaust bung£5.39
Oxford Exhaust bung  
Stop water from going up your exhaust pipe when cleaning your bike by using one of these Oxford Bungs! • ...

Oxford torch£5.39
Oxford torch  
Ultra torch 1W front LED : • Single 1 watt LED • Waterproof Front Headlight • Anti-shock non-slip aluminium construction • ...

ACF-50 workshop supplies£4.49
ACF-50 workshop supplies  
Forms an “Active” ulta thin, clear film that kills exisiting corrosion cells, and will protect your bike against ...

Oxford Clean grips grip protector£3.59
Oxford Clean grips grip protector  
• Avoid contamination of your handlebar grips by fitting Clean Grips before working on your bike • Simple Velcro attachment, ...

Oxford Clean reservoir£3.59
Oxford Clean reservoir  
• Avoid brake fluid leaks and spills by fitting a Clean Reservoir over your brake reservoir • Simple stretch-fit, one ...

GT85 Water displacement spray single£3.59
GT85 Water displacement spray single  

Oxford Minder cable disc lock reminder single£3.59
Oxford Minder cable disc lock reminder single  
• Attach one end to disc lock and the other to your handle bar • Attach it to your key ...

Oxford cleaning brush£3.59
Oxford cleaning brush  
Various cleaning brushes from oxford.

Oxford Reflectors£2.69
Oxford Reflectors  
• MOT compliant, stick or bolt on.

Oxford Document holder£2.69
Oxford Document holder  
Ideal for couriers or riders learning the knowledge. Document Size - 87mm x 74mm

Oxford Carabiner (single)£2.24
Oxford Carabiner (single)  
• 2 pin lock • Aluminium construction • 7.5ψ x 80mm • Not suitable for climbing • Packs of 80 pcs • 4 ...

Oxford Motorcycle Accessories
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